About Us


Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Association is the only Exporters Association in Turkey, which represents all the ornamental plants exporters. Association is making activities within the presence of Central Anatolian Exporters Association (www.oaib.org.tr), centered in Ankara.
Association was founded in 1999 to represent and support the Turkish ornamental plants sector, in order to achieve sustainable and competitive development in exports. Association has more than 500 members of ornamental plants exporters in Turkey.

  • Production area of ornamental plants in Turkey has increased 30% in last four years. Ornamental plants are produced in 3359 ha of area in Turkey.
  •  There are nearly 3500 endemic plant species in Turkish flora.
  • Ornamental plants export from Turkey increased to 56 million $, in 2010, having a growth in exports of more than 20% per annum.
  • The production in the highland area allows to export cut flowers year round to the markets.
  • Turkish ornamental plants are exported to 60 countries in the world.
  •  Ornamental plants industry in Turkey has an important role by supplying high added value (95%) to the economy.
  •  In Turkey, approximately 25.000 people are directly employed in the industry. Including domestic market, more than 300.000 people are indirectly employed. Ornamental plants industry is playing an important role in providing more cohesion to the social structure in the country, through employment of unskilled workers and providing them with accommodation and education opportunities.
  • Sectoral target is to reach 500 million dollars of export in year 2023, meaning a 10 times growth in exports.