What is OPPG?

Turkish Ornamental Plants Promotion Group was established by Ornamental Plants and Products Exporters Union, with approval of the Ministry of Economy, with the purpose of promoting ornamental plant exports of Turkey in an efficient way in international markets to improve sectoral image and increase exports.

The vision of Promotion Group is to support development of ornamental plants industry, which adds great value to the Turkish economy in means of production and export and  to promote sector by its activities both internationally and domestically.
Turkish Ornamental Plants Promotion Group is making activities within Turkey and internationally to represent the interests of Turkish ornamental plant exporters. Turkish Ornamental Plants Promotion Group is carrying out its activities within the secretariat of Central Anatolian Exporter Unions, with the coordination and control of Ministry of Economy and affiliated to Turkish Exporters Assembly.

Turkish Ornamental Plants Promotion Group is participating in exhibitions in international and domestic market.

Sectoral Trade Mission Programs are held with purpose of developing trade relations in target markets.